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 - Hair balm - NEW PRICE 300,-KČ if you buy After-sun healing gel for 300,-Kč too only till 31.7.
A luxurious preparation for hair care aimed at immediate regeneration after washing, and tackling hair loss, hair damaged by improper care, chemical cosmetics, the effects of a polluted environment, colouring [dyeing], using hair-dryers, exposure to the sun etc. The condition of hair depends on its nutrition. They are alive as long as they are not starved, suffocated or poisoned Current popular hair care products gradually destroy the filaments with the use of hair-dryers, shampooing, by water-borne chemicals and ''beauty'' preparations. Because the regeneration of the hair fibres is more difficult, hair suffers far more than skin under the same conditions. Shampoos containing natural ingredients are washed out the moment they are applied, losing their ability to work. Like hair, scalp suffers too and becomes inflamed, a common cause of dandruff and hair loss. Hair is a protein fibre and has the same needs as skin - natural oils and natural regenerative stimulants. This product''s ingredients provide immediate regeneration for all hair-types, including oily hair. The hair balm is regulated for your hair-type so it becomes richer, shinier, fuller, and helps you achieve a deeper, more natural colour. Your hair will also be more resistant to unfavourable weather. Composition: Chamomile, Neroli, Thyme essential oils, Jojoba wax, Sunflower oil and virgin oil of Wheatgerm. Information for use: After washing with a mild additive-free shampoo, apply a suitable amount into the hair and skin. For oily hair, rinse after a few minutes, or let it remain longer if your hair is less oily[dry].Usage
 - Hair water P for slowing down hair loss -100 ml
Hair water P is suitable for slowing down hair loss. It supports the skin''s cellular metabolism, removes catabolic products, promotes microcirculation and the healing process, and stops the hair roots from dying due to lack of nutrition. Composition: mineral water, alcoholic extract of Peppermint, Avocado oil and essential oils of Juniper and Lavender. Use: Massage into the scalp several times a day. Usage
 - Hair&shower gel

Hair&shower gel

Price: 600 Kč
pack 200ml  
Unique product containing wide range of natural substances (plant essential oils, waxes, extracts and essences) in a gentle shampoo coconut oil base. The gel is especially beneficial for hair care but it is very suitable as a shower gel as well. The composition of essences and extracts has strong regenerating effects, protects from reproduction of germs causing dandruff and skin itching. Suitable for fighting louse as well. Plant essences and extracts give the composition the antiseptic properties. High quality olive oil and bee wax make hair shiny and flexible. Ylang essence intenses all the characteristics, supports hair growth, is beneficial for hair roots.
Usage: Rub small amount of the gel into wet hair or skull skin. Let work for several minutes. After rinse off it is suitable to use Aromedica hair balm and any of Aromedica body oils.
Active ingredients: water, hop extract, cocamidopropyl betaine, castor, coconut, sunflower seed, jojoba, soybean, lemon balm, apricot kernel, grape seed, amyris, lavender, cananga, sweet almond, bitter orange oils.
 - Hair wrap - nourishing, protecting, restores natural hair shine -100 ml
Hair wrap is a blend of vegetable and essential oils for the treatment of the scalp and the surface of the hair. It gives shine and body to the hair, providing long-lasting protection against external factors. It is recommended for all types of hair, and ideally applied at least once a month. For dry and damaged hair, treat more often. The appearance of our hair and nails is the first visible sign of our general mental and physical condition. No shampoo can return the hair to health, only suitable nutrition, good humour and a clean environment can. Our aromatherapeutic hair products help provide the nutrition your hair needs. How does the pack work? It extends the life of the active substances at higher temperatures so the hair absorbs more of the substances over a longer period. Also the skin has more time to regenerate, dissolve oils and impurities, and absorb nutrients from the oils. The scalp’s microcirculation is properly promoted and, in this way, the hair roots are vitalized. Composition: Olive, Ricinine and Wheat germ oils, Neroli, Thyme, Rosemary, Cedar, Lemon and Benzoin essential oils. Information for use: It is recommended to apply a good amount of the preparation (1-2 tablespoons), and to let it remain for a while under a head-covering, to enable the scalp to warm up. After absorption (most suitable for use overnight), apply a mild shampoo to wet hair and rinse thoroughly with warm water. It is recommended that the final rinse be done with cold water to close the pores.Usage
 - Hair water ML for oily hair with dandruff -100 ml
Hair water ML is suitable for oily hair with dandruff. It disinfects and moderates the generation of oil in the skin. It has a cytophylactic effect and balances the production of new cells, limiting the development of dandruff. Composition: mineral water, alcoholic extract of Peppermint, essential oils of Juniper and Cedar. Use: Apply an adequate amount of the preparation directly to the skin and massage gently. Use 2 times a day.Usage

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