Psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, scin fungus

 - Mykolmed oil - helps fight fungal infections -50 ml
To fight fungal infections. Mykolmed is a massage and aromatherapeutic preparation, suitable for effectively and permanently treating fungal infections for all age groups. It is composed of very effective essential and vegetable oils, including Birch oil with its characteristic tar aroma and Evening Primrose oil extracted in Carbon dioxide (this method keeps the highest content of unsaturated fatty acids). Fungal infections of skin and nails are often a problem especially for the feet, and have a disagreeable odour, which is generally unacceptable. Removing the problem with Mykol has a long lasting effect, because the essential oils are really effective. The essential oil from Birch combined with the others effectively penetrates the affected skin with visible signs of improvement. Massage the oil into the dried skin after washing. Cover the location after application with clean, ironed clothing (gloves, socks etc.). With foot mycosis, do not forget to disinfect your shoes with Mykol spray, which can be applied directly on the feet through the socks. Information for use: Spread the preparation into the skin of affected areas 1-2 times a day. Do not use near eyes or on open wounds. Side effects: Persons with an allergy to Birch might feel a mild irritation of the skin. Warnings: Only for external use. Feminol A and Mykol are not administered as a medicine. Usage
 - Mykolmed spray - for prevention of fungal infections -50 ml
The spray complements excellently the effects of the Mykolmed massage oil. It can be applied any time of the day through socks, or in shoes, and other contaminated places where there is a danger of picking up fungal germs.Usage
 - Pedimed - massage and regenerating balm for feet -50 ml
Feet, like hands, are over-worked and, due to closed shoes, exposed to many observable ailments, such as skin-fungus, broken skin, etc. It is important to attend to the feet, because their condition influences our mood. Another reason for massaging our feet is that the soles have a large number of nerve-endings, stimulation of which can influence many visceral functions. This unique product contains essential oils with the effects of healing, and removal of fatigue; it is also an antifungal, antibacterial and a strong disinfectant. This is a blend of waxes and Calendula extract, substances influencing the regenerative process of broken skin and renewal of the smooth and gentle surface of the skin. For the skin on the feet, care is particularly important when it comes to over-exertion. Essential oils of Labdanum, Eucalyptus, Birch and Basil are an excellent combination for the long-lasting treatment of many ailments and act as an effective deodorant. The essential oils promote skin-cell renewal, and influence metabolism. The antiallergetic effect of PEDIMED is also very important. After a foot massage with PEDIMED, muscles, tendons and joints are relaxed and mobility is improved. A massage after a bath is ideal with these oils.Usage
 - Psorimed - balm for relief of psoriasis and eczemas -50 ml
Psoriasis is a persistent and unpleasant disease that is difficult to combat. When affected by psoriasis, skin cells multiply rapidly, causing thickening of the upper cell layer, which then peels off. This manifestation can be moderated and, in milder cases eliminated substances promoting cellular renewal (Lavender barreme, Chamomile, Rose etc.). These essential oils help skin cells regenerate without defects. Other essential oils used in the preparation (Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Lemon) and Evening Primrose oil support the healing process and soothe the uncomfortable itching and other side effects of psoriasis. The preparation is a high quality product with a fast-acting effect on many other skin diseases (eczema, rash, dermatitis, inflammation etc.).Usage

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