Varicose veins

 - Angiomed - balm for dilated veins -20 ml

Angiomed - balm for dilated veins -20 ml

Price: 252 Kč
pack 20ml  
Dilated minor veins frequently present problems with numerous side-effects, and are a burden to anyone who suffers from them. To diminish their occurrence, long-term care is required with aromatherapeutic preparations containing essential oils such as: Carrot seed, Lemon without terpenes, yellow chamomile and vegetable oils, particularly Evening Primrose. This combination is very helpful combined with a gentle massage. Angiomed has also had observable impact during treatment of dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, rashes, wrinkles and lymphatic swelling. The balm has a refreshing, sweet smell from the carrot seed, and the chamomile is warm and soothing.Usage
 - Lymfomed - balm for lymfatic swelling  -20 ml
Balm for the treatment of lymphatic swelling. Lymphatic swelling has a number of unknown and some known causes. Some of the known causes are parasites, malignant growth and surgical disruption of the lymphatic flow by removal of a lymphatic nod. So far there is no known effective treatment. The most common treatment used today are massages with substances activating the immune system supporting water drainage and calming pain. Geranium and essential oil from juniper berry act as strong diuretics thus supporting the flow of the lymphatic liquid and metabolism. Rosemary and patchouli have stimulating and harmonizing effect, and in the connection with the above substances stimulate the heart, immunity and nervous stability. They are often the only available relief in the treatment of lymphatic swelling, which affects a great part of the female population. The essential oils and waxes help immediate absorption, easy application and long-term effect and will please with wonderful warm smell. Contains Soy oil, jojoba wax, and essential oils from patchouli, juniper, geranium and rosemary. Usage
 - Varixmed - balm for varicose veins -20 ml

Varixmed - balm for varicose veins -20 ml

Price: 234 Kč
pack 20ml  
Balm for varicose veins. Special balm with astringent, antiseptic and healing effects. It helps control varicose veins, improving blood circulation and healing surface wounds. Do not massage, just apply gently on the affected area before applying a clean bandage.Usage
 - RUTINOL HEALTHY VEIN - penetrating gel -100 ml

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